Monday, November 5, 2007

Nora's 4th Birthday Party

Nora's birthday party was at the Audubon Nature Center. After a lecture about leaves, the naturalist lead the kids on a leaf scavenger hunt. The kids made crayon rubbings and then "returned the leaves to nature." The kids were wonderful, and Nora loved being with her cousin, Pilar!

During the leaf lecture, Nora interrupted to made a speech of her own. (Nora is fascinated with speech-making, and often raises her hands up to try out speech on us during dinner.) The one she gave at her party actually made sense: "I want to tell everyone that there are children who don't have water or food or doctors, so we need to collect money for them so that they can have those things." I suppose it was on her mind after collecting for Unicef at Halloween. (The brain-washing is nearly complete!)

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Nancy Wechsler said...

I bet Nora has done a lot since her fourth bday, but the parents maybe are too tired to post it! A somewhat belated "Happy Birthday" to you Nora.... and I'm wondering if Nikki is still keeping up her blog? I looked at it once, but this time it was gone. Wec